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Tiered Box for your craving of opening packs! How about packs that we didn't think exist for those favorite cartoons we enjoy now or did as kids. From super popular titles like Mega Man, Beyblade, Dragonball and more. Try out our Tiered Box today!

Your Tiered Box will consist of randomly selected

*This tier or above have chances at Artbox Dragonball Z Holochrome packs

BRONZE Tier Box: 5 Packs 

SILVER: Tier Box: 10 packs*

  • Dragonball Z Awakening Panini TCG
  • Dragonball Z Evolution Panini TCG
  • Dragonball Z Perfection Panini TCG
  • Dragonball Z Heroes & Villains Panini TCG
  • Artbox Dragonball Z Holochrome Archives Trading Cards*
  • Mega Man TCG Grand Prix
  • Mega Man TCG Grave
  • Mega Man TCG Power Up
  • BeyBlade Trading Card Game
  • Simpsons
  • Speed Racer CCG
  • Teen Titans Series 1 Go!
  • Gundam Force SD